Sun protection, the best anti-aging secret!

In our quest to counter the effects of time on our skin, we often tend to think of the sun as the number one enemy of skin aging. Yet it can become our ally in the fight against the signs of time.

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@eliottcst: Surfer, explorer and sunset lover
@the_fullbloom: Yoga, explorer and nature lover

January's playlist

January's playlist

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Our Sun Lover Play Book

Our Sun Lover Play Book

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Royal Barrique 2023: Collaboration

Royal Barrique 2023: Colla...

SeventyOne Percent has chosen to collaborate with one of the most emblematic surfing events: Le Royal Barrique.



Modern cosmetics are constantly evolving to incorporate innovative ingredients that go beyond aesthetics to nourish and balance our skin. Prebiotics, an emerging category of cosmetic ingredients, are proving to be powerful allies in the quest for healthy, radiant skin.