SeventyOne supports 1% for the planet

SeventyOne donates 1% of its annual turnover to approved associations to preserve the future of the planet.

The global 1% for the planet movement is committed to verifying donations for the benefit of the environment to amplify their impact and curb environmental problems.

Today, the impact of mankind and climate change is plain to see, with natural areas, water resources and plant and animal species being the first victims.

1% for the planet promotes the impact of the actions carried out by environmental protection associations by facilitating their fundraising thanks to the strength of the association's collective. The protection and preservation of nature is an international movement in full expansion.

It covers all environmental issues: climate, natural areas, pollution, food, water and wildlife.

The 1% for the planet certification, visible on all our packs, allows companies to simply and effectively participate in the evolution of environmental awareness and play a major role in its protection.

Since 2002, more than 350 million dollars have been donated to the associations thanks to the 1% for the planet corporate partners.

By Yvon Chouinard, co-founder of 1% for the Planet and founder and owner of Patagonia

"The 1% is probably the best thing I've done."