At SeventyOne,
respect for our consumers and the fight against climate change are a deep conviction and a commitment at all times.

This is the bet we took eleven years ago, when clean beauty was neither a marketing argument nor an easy subject to understand;
Made in France was akin to chauvinism and sourcing sustainable materials was a treasure hunt... Launching ourselves on a market where we do not yet know the constraints allows us to set ourselves crazy objectives.

Transparency and the desire to constantly improve our products and our operations is our driving force.

We learn every day! We have been wrong before, and we will be wrong again, but what drives us, and what we want to share here, is our quest for a useful product, conscientiously designed to give you maximum pleasure and protection while significantly reducing its impact on our planet.

What we know today is that the perfect product does not exist!

By becoming involved in the cosmetics industry we are aware that we are both part of the problem and part of the solution.

As there is no label or official definition of clean beauty, we have developed an internal charter to explain our convictions and biases in terms of formulation, packaging and more generally for a better understanding of our actions: "Mother Earth Approved".

We want to be transparent and clear in our search for a balance between efficiency, naturalness, ecological responsibility and solidarity.


Protection and hydration are the key words in our product development. Combining performance and sensoriality while avoiding the marketing promises of what we might call "bullshit beauty" is our mission. Our mission is also to add a dose of fun and education by not exploiting fear marketing to offer effective and desirable products for the whole family.

A formula is not just a blacklist!


All our products are between 80% and 100% natural. 100% natural or certified organic is not the right answer for everyone.

Europe has the safest legislation in the world when it comes to cosmetic products, yet it is not always easy to distinguish the real from the fake. At SeventyOne Percent, we have chosen a modern approach, without cosmetophobia, we always favour ingredients of natural origin or organic active ingredients, but we do not ignore synthetic alternatives when they bring us a real advantage, while remaining uncompromising about our bias.

For example, our choice of sunscreens is made in a reasoned manner, we have chosen to offer a short range where each use will find a suitable formula. If mineral filters such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are often preferred, we do not exclude the use of certain chemical filters identified today as "clean" and which offer a different spectrum of protection or a sensoriality more adapted to the product's function (as for hair care).

Nevertheless, we have chosen not to use many chemical (or organic) filters such as octocrylene, homosalate and benzophenone as a precautionary principle.

Eco responsibility

Let's limit our impact and eliminate the superfluous while offering desirable products at the right price.

Our approach is global and we remain true to our convictions at the risk of losing a certain "glamour" or marketing advantage that would appeal more massively.

We arbitrate each of our decisions with the most thorough CSR approach possible.

We systematically use recyclable materials for our packaging of all kinds. Our tubes are partly made of PCR plastics (product cycle recycle: recycled milk bottles), the best alternative on the market today in terms of impact and life cycle.

We have chosen to eliminate 80% of our secondary packaging and never make samples or single-use products to promote our brand.

Our logistical approach is a challenge for the years to come and we have already made the choice to only use cardboard labelled "sustainable development" and also standard: why increase our environmental impact with specific SeventyOne Percent packaging when it will be torn and thrown away? We choose common sense!


Notre engagement est dans notre nom, SeventyOne Percent - ce 1% est avant tout le symbole de notre engagement, de notre volonté de donner du sens à nos actions.

Comment valoriser notre implication et notre engagement quand les possibilités de contributions financières ne sont pas encore significatives ?

Au-delà des chiffres, nous espérons pouvoir fédérer et sensibiliser une audience toujours plus large autour d'initiatives comme le nettoyage de plage, le parrainage d'enfants et le développement d'un regard de consommateur plus équilibré et juste sur ce qu’est “un bon produit”.

L’essentiel de notre énergie associative est aujourd’hui destinée à l’ONG Vision du Monde L’action de VDM se concentre sur les enfants et l’accès à l’eau potable ainsi qu'à l'association PURE Océan.

Parce que les enfants sont les plus vulnérables dans les situations d’urgence, notre devoir est de sensibiliser notre communauté à l’importance de l’accès à l’eau potable pour contribuer à financer directement des projets répondant à ces enjeux pour un monde plus juste. Oeuvrons pour la vie et l’espoir, à notre mesure. D’ailleurs, cher(e)s ami(e)s, en nous fournissants un justificatif de parrainage d’un enfant nous vous offrirons de jolis cadeaux SeventyOne Percent <3

Zero Plastic Inside

SeventyOne Percent's mission is to protect your body as well as its playground: nature. With the "Zero Plastic Inside" label, we want to reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible.

We have no plastic particles in our compositions. The "Zero Plastic Inside" label is certified by the Plastic Soup Foundation.

With our recycled and recyclable packaging, we fight against pollution in the oceans.

At SeventyOne, all our packs are eco-responsible. In 2020, we have eliminated 80% of our use of cases and are taking advantage of the ThinWall and Slim Cap innovation to reduce our use of plastic by 45% on 2 references already.

The plastic of all the tubes is PCR "Post-Consumer Recycled plastic content", a plastic made up in part (55%) of recycled milk bottles.

Eco Pack