Facial care

Discover our range of Seventy One face care products, natural, eco-friendly and vegan cosmetics specially designed to care for your skin gently and effectively.

Feel Free SPF30

Face Fluid €29.90

Second Skin

Multi-purpose care €14.90

Feel Good

Moisturizing melting gel 15,90

Feel Good Family

Moisturizing melting gel €24.90

Feel Good Oil

Face Oil 29,90

Feel Better

Ultra Nourishing Balm €24.90

Daily Dose of Summer Pack

Set of 4 Daily Essentiels €119.90

Day/Night Facial Care Routine

Feel Free + Feel Better Pack €49.90

Discover our Seventy One facial skincare range, natural, eco-friendly and vegan cosmetics, specially designed to care for your skin gently and effectively. Our range includes Moisturizing Cream, Soothing Cream, Regenerating Serum and Balancing Lotion, essential products for a complete skincare routine.

Seventy One Moisturizing Cream is a veritable cocktail of hydration for your skin. Formulated with natural, organic ingredients, this nourishing cream penetrates deep to intensely moisturize your skin, restoring its softness and suppleness. It's ideal for all skin types, even the most sensitive, and makes an excellent make-up base.

Crème Apaisante is specially designed to soothe irritated and sensitized skin. Thanks to its gentle, soothing formula, it instantly calms redness and feelings of discomfort, leaving your skin soothed and comforted. This cream is perfect for sensitive skin or skin prone to allergic reactions, offering welcome relief.

To revitalize and regenerate your skin, Regenerating Serum is a precious ally. Infused with bio-active ingredients, this serum penetrates deeply to nourish and revitalize your skin. It helps reduce the signs of aging, improve elasticity and reveal a youthfully radiant complexion. Its light, non-greasy texture is quickly absorbed, leaving your skin smooth and luminous.

Finally, Balancing Lotion completes your facial skincare routine, bringing balance and freshness to your skin. Formulated with natural and organic ingredients, this toning lotion moisturizes, soothes and tightens pores, leaving your skin revitalized and ready to face the day. It helps maintain your skin's natural balance, while eliminating impurities and preparing it to receive the benefits of subsequent skin care products.

All our products are made in France, with respect for the environment, and are available online, facilitating your shopping experience. At Seventy One, we believe in the power of natural cosmetics, respectful of your skin and the planet. Our commitment to quality, naturalness and sustainability is reflected in every one of our products.

Discover our Seventy One range of facial care products online today, and treat your skin to the benefits of natural, eco-friendly, French cosmetics. Join our community of natural beauty enthusiasts and enjoy an exceptional skincare experience today.