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Our products

  • Our ECO SUN 100% mineral SPF50+ range and our Sun Sticks SPF 50+ contain naturally occurring mineral screens without nanoparticles. It is the powders in the mineral sunscreens that can leave white marks. This is the natural colour of the mineral filters. SeventyOne mineral protection is immediately effective because the mineral filters block the rays effectively and are recognised for their minimal impact on the environment, and the sunscreens are very well tolerated by all skin types. We are constantly working with our French laboratory to improve the dispersion of the mineral filters in our cosmetic products and minimise whiteout without compromising our formulation beliefs. The amount of product and the method of application are important factors in the final result on the skin. Find all our application tips online.

  • All SeventyOne Percent cosmetics are made in France and none are tested on animals. Cruelty Free, we prefer animals in the wild rather than in labs. In addition, they are all vegan. And no ingredients of animal origin either. SeventyOne is a super eco-friendly range.

  • All SeventyOne sun protection products can be applied to children's skin from the age of 3 years and we recommend that the whole family prefers SPF50+, the very high protection by SeventyOne.

    The Sun Stick range has been specially designed and dermatologically tested to be suitable for the fragile skin of children under 3 years of age (avoid the lips) and for pregnant women.

    It is strongly recommended to avoid exposing young children to the sun; our advice is to dress them in addition to textile protection such as a UV-protective T-shirt.

    Pro tips for the youngest: To remove the residues of sun filters from our products, which are very resistant and which could remain on the skin of your children, we advise you to apply sweet almond oil or our Second Skin oil-balm with a cotton pad. 

  • SeventyOne sun protection products are very water resistant! If you still have visible residues of white or coloured filters after the shower, you can use sweet almond oil or our Second Skin Oil Balm to remove any residues of sunscreen that may remain on the skin with a soft cotton pad. 

  • 80% of the SeventyOne Percent range is vegan. Only the Second Skin Multi-Purpose Magic Balm contains beeswax for its emollient and film forming properties. It softens and smoothes the skin and produces a light continuous film on the skin, hair and nails.

  • Mineral sunscreens provide full spectrum UV protection by forming a protective layer between the sun and the skin. Mineral screens are also called physical filters because of their covering power. These filters, which do not contain nanoparticles, are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

    As for chemical filters, they have a protective action with and on the skin: they penetrate the epidermis and create a filtering layer that absorbs UV rays. They are active and effective between 20 and 30 minutes after application. Not all chemical filters are equal and the choice of these filters is essential in a clean beauty approach for the respect of consumers and the environment. 

    At SeventyOne, all our sun protection products are free of oxybenzone, octinoxate and octocrylene filters as well as endocrine disruptors, silicones and parabens... 0% undesirable!

SeventyOne Percent

  • Our cosmetics are formulated for the whole family and all outdoor activities, from the beach to the mountains and the city.

    Designed and developed by surfers, our leitmotiv is above all the effectiveness of the formulas, respect for consumers and nature. So we are all Seventy One Percent.

  • SeventyOne Percent was born from the observation of two friends who are passionate about surfing that there were no cosmetic products, and in particular sun protection products, that met their specific needs while being respectful of both humans and the environment.
    The mission of SeventyOne Percent is in its name: 70% of water covers the earth, 70% of water composes the human body and 1% of the profits go to an association specialised in child sponsorship and access to water (Vision du Monde). Join the movement!

  • All SeventyOne Percent products are manufactured and formulated in France. This is a choice that corresponds to our values in terms of quality and our convictions as entrepreneurs.

Sun Tips

  • The Sun Protection Factor (SPF) is the sun protection factor of a cosmetic product. In Europe, these protection indices are regulated by the index that determines the ability to protect the skin from UVB rays that cause sunburn. The higher the SPF, the stronger the photoprotection action and the more the skin is protected. Indexes 30 and 50 correspond to strong protection and 50% very high protection. 

  • Using effective sun protection that is adapted to your environment is essential! However, creams can leave some unwanted yellow marks, especially on light-coloured clothing. SeventyOne sun protection products are formulated without water and with fatty substances, and are designed to be long-lasting on the skin, so they can penetrate the fibres of certain fabrics. 

    Our advice:

    If the garment is stained: before machine washing, rub the fabric around the stain with washing-up liquid. You can also use Marseille soap, Terre de Sommière or a stain remover spray before washing to remove these stains. Phew :)

    To avoid stains on clothing: We advise you to apply SeventyOne sun protection and to wait a few minutes before putting on clothes. Choose clothes made of cotton or natural materials rather than synthetic textiles, which are more porous and more difficult to remove.


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