Adventure care

Explore adventure with our Seventy One adventure skincare range, designed especially for lovers of sports and outdoor activities.

Second Skin

Multi-purpose care €14.90

The Pacha Mama SPF 50+

Sun Stick 17,90

The Original SPF 50+

Sun Stick 17,90

Wipe Out

Relaxing gel with arnica 21,90

The Ocean Blue

Sun Stick 17,90

The Sunset SPF 50+

Sun Stick 17,90

Eco Sun Sport SPF50+

Very high protection 24,90

Outdoors Pack

Set of 4 Outdoors products €65.00

Explore adventure with our adventure skincare range from Seventy One, designed especially for sports and outdoor enthusiasts. Our comprehensive range includes SPF 50+ sticks for optimum sun protection, our "wipe out" soothing arnica gel, a multi-purpose balm and sun creams specially formulated for the needs of sports enthusiasts. Whatever your adventure, we have the perfect products to accompany you.

Our mineral sunscreens offer effective sun protection while respecting your skin and the environment. They are formulated with natural mineral filters that act as a barrier against harmful UVA and UVB rays. Our SPF 50+ sun sticks are specially designed for convenient, precise application. Their compact format makes them easy to slip into your sports or travel bag.

They offer high sun protection for sensitive areas of the face and body, allowing you to concentrate on your performance without worry.The "wipe out" is a soothing gel with arnica, ideal for relieving muscle aches and bruises after an intense surfing session or any other sporting activity. Its natural, refreshing formula soothes tired muscles and promotes rapid recovery, getting you back on your feet faster.Our multi-purpose balm is your versatile companion on outdoor adventures. It's perfect for deeply moisturizing and nourishing your skin, soothing irritated areas and protecting your lips from external aggressors. Whether it's to protect your cheeks from the icy wind or to heal small cuts and scrapes, this balm is an essential in your travel kit.All our products are made in France to strict standards. They are natural, eco-friendly, vegan and carefully formulated to offer you a quality skincare experience. At Seventy One, we're proud of our commitment to natural, eco-friendly and French cosmetics.Discover our Seventy One adventure skincare range online now and get ready for unforgettable outdoor experiences, knowing you're using trusted products that respect your skin and our beautiful planet.