Pure Ocean

SeventyOne is committed to the planet all year round. This commitment is reflected in our name "70% water on earth, 70% water in our bodies and 1% for the planet".

With our range of innovative suncare products, we protect your skin but also our playground: nature, including the ocean which covers 70% of the planet.

SeventyOne supports Pure Ocean, an endowment fund whose mission is to support innovative projects that contribute to the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems. For every La Goutte Bleue bag purchased, 4€ is donated to Pure Ocean to fund ocean research.

The Goutte Bleue is a blue recyclable bag made in France from green algae and recycled plastic from yellow bins, but above all it is a way of taking concrete action to preserve the environment!

The bag goes beyond its primary function, it commits itself to the planet just like you, by collecting waste during your walks in the forest or on the beach before it reaches the sea.

The bag is on our website and is offered with the purchase of boxes!

Carrying your La Goutte Bleue bag with you at all times is a simple way to take care of the environment on a daily basis.

World view

SeventyOne is not only committed to the planet, but also to respect and a fairer world for people. We are partners of Vision du Monde, an international solidarity association that helps the most vulnerable children.

Its mission is that every child should be able to grow up in peace, have enough to eat and have access to the care and education they deserve.

Its values are to serve the most vulnerable and to manage resources with transparency. 80, 4% of their resources are allocated to social missions.

World Vision is also :

- Every day, 3 new schools are provided with drinking water.

- 86% of children treated for malnutrition.

- 129,000 teachers trained to promote education in poor countries.

By sponsoring a child, you change the life of a person and his or her entire family. It is a human adventure that brings the joy of feeling useful, the awareness of the reality of life in poor countries and the will to participate in the evolution of tomorrow's world.

SeventyOne is committed to helping change mindsets and habits.