Child care

From 80% to 100% natural, water resistant, vegan, respectful of the Hawaiian law and of the Palau Islands measures, made in France with 100% recyclable and 55% recycled packaging. Ideal for the Bigs and Littles!

Eco Sun Spray SPF50+

Very high protection 29,90

SunKissed SPF50

Sun Stick 17,90

Eco Sun Shield SPF50+

Very high protection 24,90

The Invisible SPF50

Sun Stick 17,90

Second Skin

Multi-purpose care €14.90

Feel Good

Moisturizing melting gel 15,90

The Pacha Mama SPF 50+

Sun Stick 17,90

Feel Good Family

Moisturizing melting gel €24.90

Feel Good Oil

Face Oil 29,90

The Original SPF 50+

Sun Stick 17,90

The Ocean Blue

Sun Stick 17,90

The Sunset SPF 50+

Sun Stick 17,90

Eco Sun Sport SPF50+

Very high protection 24,90

We understand the importance of protecting children's delicate skin from the sun's harmful rays. That's why at Seventy One, we offer a range of sun creams specially formulated to provide optimum sun protection for little explorers, as well as care for their delicate skin.

Our sun creams, adapted to children's faces and bodies, feature a high SPF factor for effective sun protection. They are formulated with mineral filters, offering natural protection against UVA and UVB rays. Conscious of the importance of using gentle, environmentally-friendly ingredients, our products are certified organic and made from carefully selected natural ingredients.

Our colorful sun sticks with SPF 50 add a touch of fun to any child's sun protection routine. They are easy to apply to the face and body, offering instant protection and a pleasant feel on the skin. Our tinted sun sticks are available in a variety of bright colors, making sunscreen application even more fun for little adventurers.

At Seventy One, we're proud of our commitment to high-quality, eco-friendly products that are child-friendly. All our children's sun creams are made in France to the highest standards of safety and quality. You can find our range of suncare products online, on our official website, for reliable sun protection and peace of mind during your children's outdoor activities.