Understand and decipher the different sorting symbols on packaging!

Packages are often filled with pictograms, green, gray, small, large. But very few really know the indications behind all this. But don't worry, we'll explain it all to you in 1 minute!

Are you ready? Let's get started!  

 This one is the green dot! It indicates that the manufacturer pays a contribution to an eco-organization 

 Here, we introduce you to Tidy Man, he is there to encourage you to put the product in a trash can, but without any precision! 

  They are two organizations that ensure the sustainable management of forests. They guarantee that the manufacturer has used controlled and responsibly harvested resources. 

 This is the Mobius strip. If you see it without a percentage in the middle, it means that technically the product is recyclable. On the other hand, if you see it with a percentage, it indicates the amount of recycled material present in the product!

 This Triman logo appears on all packaging except glass bottles. It is compulsory on all recyclable products and taken in charge by a sorting organization. 

 This logo means that the product must be disposed of in a specific collection point and not in any other waste garbage can (like your light bulbs for example!) 

 These three small logos indicate that the product is made of recyclable glass, steel or aluminum

  The paper or cardboard is not necessarily made of 100% recycled fiber. This symbol indicates in its rectangle on the right, the amount of recycled material used in manufacturing of your product. 

Now that you have the list of the main symbols used in the recycling field, you will be able to find your way around our products more easily!