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Feel Better
Fabien Jacobs
Fabulous product!

Once you've tried it, you won't want to be without it! After a day in the sun or cold, at sea or in the mountains, this is the cream you need to regenerate your skin overnight! The results in the morning are amazing!

Un.pur delice

Elle sensbin. Protects and moisturizes the skin, a pure pleasure oil made from the finest ingredients.

A top oil

Beneficial, protective, brightening and sweet-smelling - a daily skincare essential

I've been using it for over a year now, with its matte, penetrating texture, it spreads very well, your hands aren't greasy.... your skin is supple and very well moisturized, fewer wrinkles, and the little sunscreen is a plus. In short, it's perfect!

Very pleasant cream

A very pleasant cream for my sensitive skin.
The only downside is the poor rating on Yuka. It's a shame, but I love seventy one products.

Absolutely top-notch! Admittedly a little greasy (but it fades), it provides real care after exposure to the sun that's a little too extreme. I didn't even peel!

The only skin/hair sunscreen (really, when you've got curly hair, it's a must, because it's really top-notch) that's also environmentally friendly.

Feel Free SPF30
SPF30 Cream

I use this cream every morning, it's very pleasant and helps me to combat dark spots. In hot countries, it's super effective... never a sunburn, never a rash
A must 😊

Eco Sun Shield SPF50+
Marion Castellano
White finish

The cream has a pleasantly textured vacation fragrance, but the only drawback is that it leaves a rather disturbing white finish, otherwise it would have been perfect!

Feel Better
hyper comfort

used as a night mask, it's very pleasant and nourishing

High protection and gentle fragrance

Very easy to use, vacation fragrance. You need to massage well to impregnate the skin. Once properly applied, top protection!

Ideal for browning!

The oil smells great, isn't too greasy but protects effectively from the sun!

Protected every day!

Practical cream, perfect matte coverage, I use it every day!

A must-have!

Smells great, not too greasy, invisible and very easy to use! I keep restocking it.

Feel Free SPF30
Margaux Servant

I was looking for a sunscreen light enough to wear every day. I found it!

Feel Good Oil
Juliet Treb

Great oil, my skin feels soft and plumped up and it complements my feel good cream very well, which wasn't moisturizing enough on its own for winter.
I just find it takes a bit long to penetrate the skin, so I wait before applying my cream afterwards. But I have combination skin, so I think it's ideal for dry skin.


It's quite simple, this stick goes everywhere with me! Mountain, sea or a drink on the terrace, always in my bag to face the sun! Perfect texture and smell!

Feel Good Oil

The name says it all! I'm already a fan of the face lotion + sun oil so I thought I'd try this face oil. It's a new favorite. My face is so much happier using this oil! Absolutely love it. It is not greasy. It's very smooth + silky. I use it morning + night after washing my face. Will for sure purchase more when I run out!

The Invisible SPF50
alban beauverger

Super product, efficient and practical


A cream with a very pleasant texture and smell!
Protection 30 is a safe bet for my sensitive skin every day!

Feel Free SPF30
Ai Gourdin

doesn't stick, NANO FREE, pleasant smell, it's really perfect!!!!!!!

SunKissed SPF50
Ai Gourdin
It's perfect!!!!!!!!

It's incredible!!!!! I highly recommend!!!!!!!!!!!

Feel Better
Anne Marie Chapot
Excellent Product

I use it mainly as a night cream and it's a little wonder for the skin.

Just perfect

The texture, the scent, the satiny feel on the skin, the protection of course, and the icing on the cake, it's ocean friendly.
For me, it's the best and I buy it every time I go on vacation.

Dry Sun Oil SPF30
Laure Fournier

From the packaging to the fragrance to the effectiveness, everything is perfect!