Beach Pong" competition

The terms and conditions of the "Beach Pong" competition (the "Competition"), which takes place on the TIK TOK & INSTAGRAM social networking platform, are set out in these rules (hereinafter the "Rules").

Any violation of one or more sections of the Rules may, at the discretion of the Organizer, as defined in Section 1, result in the Participant's disqualification, as defined in Section 2, from the Game.
There is no cost to participate in this Game. The Rules set forth the terms and conditions of the free, no-obligation Game. Any purchase on the Organizer's website will not favour the Participant.

The present game is organized by the company LAMALO, domiciled at 9 rue d'Italie 06000 NICE, hereinafter referred to as "the Organizer".


a) Eligibility
The Game is open to all individual users of TIK TOK or INSTAGRAM, without restriction as to age, residence or language, with the exception of employees and representatives of the Organizer and members of their families (hereinafter the "Participants").

b) Conditions of participation
To be able to participate and have a chance of winning the Prize, as defined in
article 4, the Participant must cumulatively (i) subscribe to the
the Organizer @seventyonepercent account and (ii) share a TIK TOK or INSTAGRAM video according to the following modalities:

- About the video content:
o Produce a video, alone or with others, of your best trickshot
(throwing a ball into one of the cups) and, if you like, you can add your own,
external elements to make the challenge their own. The rule
is to keep the action of throwing the ball into the cup, in order to
the rest is up to your imagination.
o At the end of the video, make the "shaka" sign and mention "Air Tahiti Nui".

- About the video description:
o Mention the contest hashtag #beachpong71 under the post
containing the video ;
o Mention the Organizer's account @seventyonepercent under the
post containing the video and @airtahitinuioff on Tik Tok or Instagram @airtahitinui.

And (iii) obtain more than 10,000 likes on the post containing the video (TIK TOK) or 2,500 likes on the Instagram post.

Any video uploaded before or after the Game Period will not be taken into account.

account. It should be noted that only the likes associated with a single video on a single account will be counted.
By participating in the Game, the Participant accepts these Rules.
Participants are formally prohibited from publishing or posting any texts,
statements, quotations, photographs, images or more generally any content
that is obscene, defamatory, in violation of intellectual property rights or any other rights of a third party, or legal and regulatory provisions.
Participants agree to comply with all the terms of use of
Participants shall refrain from denigrating and/or harming directly or indirectly in any way whatsoever the Organizer, its image and/or the image of its products and more generally the recognition, reputation and/or commercial interests of the Organizer.

3. Designation of the winner
One (1) winning Participant (the "Winner") will be selected by the Organizer's
teams. The Winner will be the Participant who has made the most fun and creative video out of the three (3) videos with the most likes.

The results will be announced on September 16 on the Organizer's website, as well as on the Organizer's TIK TOK and/or INSTAGRAM account, @seventyonepercent.
By participating in the Game, the Winner authorizes the Organizer to use his/her video on its official website and on all known or unknown media, in particular the Internet and social networks, including the TIK TOK and/or INSTAGRAM @seventyonepercent account, worldwide, without this use giving rise to any consideration other than the Lot won, for the purpose of promoting the results of the Contest.

Participants have the opportunity to win the following prize (the "Prize"):

- 2 (two) return tickets in Moana Economy class for Paris-CDG/Papeete/Paris-CDG, each worth €2,832 ex-VAT, i.e. €5,664 ex-VAT.
- Tickets are valid for one year from the date of award for travel in Moana Economy class, no upgrades possible.
- Dates to be chosen by the participant, subject to seat availability determined at the sole discretion of Air Tahiti Nui
- Embargo: June 15 - August 15 & December 15 - January 15.
- Once booked, all changes are subject to a service charge.
- Once issued, tickets are non-transferable.
- Tickets are valid only on scheduled flights operated by Air Tahiti Nui, departing from Paris CDG.
- Tickets cannot be exchanged for cash or other goods or services or used in conjunction with any other offer or discount.
- Mileage accumulation will not be permitted on these tickets.
- A set of products of the Organizer's brand, chosen at the discretion of
It should be noted that (i) only the Paris-Tahiti air ticket is covered, all other expenses, including travel and/or accommodation on site, are at the expense of the Winner and (ii) that air tickets are personal and may not be exchanged, nor give rise to any cash consideration.
The Prize will be awarded to the Winner, who must be a Participant meeting the conditions for participation.

5. Delivery of the Prize
The Prize will be awarded to the Winner, who must be a Participant who meets the conditions for participation.
The Winner will be contacted by private message TIKOK and/or INSTAGRAM in order to reach an agreement regarding the delivery of the Prize. In the event that (i) the Winner cannot be contacted or (ii) he/she does not respond within fifteen (15) days of the Organizer's attempt to contact him/her and/or (iii) refuses the Prize, the Prize will revert to the Participant in second place.

By accepting the Prize, the Winner :
- authorizes the Organizer to use his/her first name and/or pseudonym TIK
TOK and/or INQTAGRAM , his/her city of residence, and his/her video on all known or
unknown media, in particular the Internet and social networks, in the
entire world, without this use giving rise to
any consideration whatsoever other than the Prize for the purposes of promoting the
results of the Contest;
- agrees to make a TIK TOK and/or INSTAGRAM video using the products of the Prize during his/her
stay in Tahiti and authorizes the Organizer to use it in accordance with the conditions defined
by addendum to these Rules.
The awarding of the Prize will not entail any costs for the Winner.
The Prize may not be awarded in the form of a sum of money.

6 Game Period
Participation in the Game is open from May 25, 2023 (00:00 hours) to September 15, 2023 (23:59 hours) in the Paris time zone (the "Game Period").

The Game is not associated in any way with the Platform.
The Organizer respects the confidentiality of participants' personal data, in accordance with the laws in force. Any personal data collected by the Organizer remains confidential.
The Organizer is not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from participation in the Game and/or acceptance of the Prize.
The Organizer declines all responsibility for any loss, delay, error, in particular due to a failure of computer equipment, software, Internet browsers, computer networks or Internet connection.
The Organizer reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify any
Participant who attempts to interfere with the running of the Game, in particular by
using a robot or any other automated process.
The Organizer reserves the right to cancel, suspend or modify the Game in the event
of it being impossible to finalize the Game due to an event of force majeure, or any bug, virus, intrusion or technical error. If, during the course of the Game, a change to the Rules is decided at the Organizer's discretion, it will be shared on the TIK TOK and/or INSTAGRAM account as well as on the Organizer's official website to give Participants as much notice as possible.

The Game and the Rules are governed by French law.

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