Camille Romain des Boscs

Executive Director of the World Vision Association

Can you introduce yourself? 

My name is Camille Romain des Boscs.I am 40 years old (already!) and the happy mother of 3 children very much alive a little boy of 5 years old and two girls aged aged 4 and 1 year old.

Can you outline your background? 

After having started as an embassy in Russia and in companies in the press sector and then in industryI took a took a a new direction, by joining the humanitarian sector in 2011. I joined the association Vision du Monde, as Marketing Director pn 2014, I took the lead of thetook over the reins of the Director General of this beautiful NGOwhich aims to to enable every little boy and girl to live a full life, even in the most difficult contexts.

What makes you get up in the morning?

The children! Mine in the literal sense, because they are still small and wake up early, but those for whom I get up are the children who suffer and for whom the association works every day. It is for them that I try to mobilise my intelligence, my heart and my energy as best I can. 

Contribute to moving the lines of a world where everyone can live their lives in dignified conditionsconditions, where every child cancould be protected from all forms of violenceis very motivating.

How do your days go? What is the rhythm of your day? 

No two days are alike.

Since the start of the pandemic, we have been living in the countryside in Burgundy, and the first thing I do when I turn on my computer is to say hello to my team and check in. The human element is essential in what we do, and it starts with good relationships with my colleagues (especially women)!

As a director, I have an agenda that is punctuated by by the supervision ds actions, coaching my management teamexchanges with my board of directors and my peers: both at World Vision and in the associative world, because together we are stronger!

You have been working for World Vision for more than ten years now, have you noticed an evolution in the rate of engagement?

This year has proven that even in times of crisis, the Françaises show generosity and reach out to the most and reach out to the most vulnerable, even beyond our borders. This is a great encouragement to continue our actions more than ever.

What was the assignment or subject that made the biggest impression on you? Why or why not? 

Certainly the meeting of a Syrian woman in an informal refugee camp in the Bekaa Valley Valley in Lebanon. We start talking in a tiny prefab with a family. As we were all sitting down, I only realised after a few minutes that she was about to give birth. With no hospital to go to, a barely heated shelter to house her little one. I was 7 months pregnant myself! What a cruel mirror and a difficult start in life for her baby. The kind of encounter you can't get rid of.

What is your mantra? Or a public figure who inspires you?

Keep on the sunny side of life !

What advice would you give to a young person who wants to get involved? 

Commitment can take many forms, sometimes through very small things, small changes. Don't try to set the bar too high but go for it, test, experiment, reflect, adjust.

What human values or qualities do you hope to pass on to your children? 

Lhe attention to what surrounds us: the people, the universe in which we live. Curiosity, love and of course humour !

With the social structure of today's individualism, how can you combine a busy family life with such dedication?  

Well, you have to accept that you are not perfect and try not to put too much pressure on yourself. I'm lucky enough to work for a cause that makes so much sense that even if it sometimes overflows a little in the diaries, we manage to handle it. And I'm also lucky enough to have a great husband by my side who supports my commitment 100% and takes the lead on many issues.

What do you think of "Green Entrepreneurship"?

Indispensable for tomorrow's worldIt should no longer be necessary to put the green in front...let it be obvious to any company, especially those starting up their business.

How do you choose your partners? What are your prerogatives? 

We make sure that in terms ofaleursrespect and financial rigour we are aligned!

Following the draft report of the IPCC, how do you orientate the actions promoted by World Vision in order to intervene as best as possible in the countries already affected by its environmental consequences?

What do your desirable futures look like?

In all its programmes, World Vision takes into account the environmental dimensions. Both to ensure that families have the necessary resources in the long term and to develop resilience in the face of foreseeable shocks (e.g. more severe droughts and floods, which require learning to manage and store crops differently). We are also developing a great approach: assisted natural regeneration, which consists of allowing the soil to regenerate without having to replant trees. It is a great approach because it is extremely effective (link for more info ?).

My greatest wish is that one day we can say that yes, today every little boy and girl can grow up in a loving, stable environment and develop their full potential!

For more information or to take your first step for these inhabitants, don't hesitate to contact our Camille or have a closer look at their activities on their social networks!

But what is World Vision? 

It is the major actor for access to drinking water, the main objective being to bring drinking water to disadvantaged populations. 


This is a solidarity race created by the World Vision partnership, of which World Vision is a member. Its aim is to raise awareness of the importance of access to drinking water and to directly fund projects that address this issue.

Why 6 km? What is 6 km? 

This is the average distance children travel several times a day to fetch water in developing countries.