Sea Shepherd

What is it?
Sea Shepherd is a Non Governmental Organization founded in 1977 in Canada by a great Captain Paul Watson! It then expanded to Europe in 2013 with a hub in Amsterdam and now has 20 countries on its side! 

What are their missions?
To protect and conserve the marine fauna, from the smallest species to the whales! So they fight against poaching, unsustainable fishing, poaching, captivity... Yes, unfortunately, even in 2022 there are still too many people with bad intentions... 

What are the activist actions?
First, there is an investigation and then they inform the authorities and the general public when the laws to protect the oceans are not respected.
A collaboration with Interpol, maritime gendarmeries and public prosecutors and some national navies exists and innovative strategies of direct actions are set up! Direct actions on the ground allow us to obtain concrete and measurable results, such as the fact that more than 6,000 whales from Japanese harpoon boats in Antarctic waters have been saved!

If you are interested in this association, we invite you to visit their website

Moreover, if you are interested in other associations of the same style, don't hesitate to visit the 1% for the planet website, of which we are a member, as well as the Pure Ocean website with which we work!