The benefits of prebiotics in cosmetics ✨

Prebiotics or symbiotics are our best allies for the balance of the natural ecosystem of our skin (composed of about 75% bacteria). They strengthen the immune system and the skin's barrier function.

We eliminate the bad bacteria and we preserve the good bacteria present on our skin.

This natural regulation of the skin by prebiotics is recognized for its effectiveness and its softness.
Cosmetics with prebiotics will allow to respect the balance of the skin without attacking it, or to restore this imbalance gently

Why do we use prebiotics in cosmetics?
Prebiotics allow us to readjust the bacteria present on our skin and thus reinforce the barrier of the cutaneous microbiome.

What is the skin microbiome?
The microbiome, also known as the cutaneous flora of the skin, is an ecosystem in constant interaction with the external environment.

It is colonized by many coexisting microorganisms. These bacteria present on our skin promise optimal protection for your skin.

A balanced microbiome is a diverse microbiome where each bacterium has its purpose for the proper functioning of the skin and results in healthy glowing skin. 

On the other hand, an unbalanced and/or weakened microbiome causes problems such as tension,acne, excess sebum, irritation, oreczema

How can we take care of the bacteria that protect our skin?
When certain undesirable bacteria develop in too large a quantity, imbalances appear. This can be caused by small everyday problems such as stress, pollution, poor diet... But also by a care routine that is too aggressive on your skin, which are notably too rich in preservatives or with an inappropriate pH.

Taking care of your microbiota means preserving your skin's natural acidity with skin care products that are adapted to your skin's physiological pH. That is, close to 5.5

Avoid creams and cleansers that are too aggressive and have an unsuitable pH level, which removes your hydrolipidic film and weakens your skin.

Use probiotics
Prebiotics selectively stimulate the growth or activity of certain bacteria known as "good" for our skin.

As explained above, prebiotics ensure a balance of bacteria 

They help to rebalance the bacterial landscape and thus fortify the microbiological barrier of the skin. 

Why use prebiotics in a cream?
Prebiotics will help to to reinforce the good bacteria of the skin allowing them to fulfill their defense function and preserve your epidermal barrier over the long term.

It is about preventing problems at the source and not only correcting a problem when it appears such as a pimple or an irritation. 

Cosmetics with prebiotics will help respect the skin's balance without damaging it, or gently restore this imbalance.

Our solution: 

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