Green Peace

What is Greenpeace? ☺️
Greenpeace was founded in 1971 by 12 activists in Vancouver, Canada.
Today they are present in 55 Countries, on all continents and all oceans thanks to its 28 national and regional offices and its three boats.

is an international network, united and committed, with more than three million members and is led by more than 36,000 volunteers who carry out environmental protection actions throughout the world.

What are its missions? 💪
Greenpeace acts according to the principles of non-violence to protect the environment, biodiversity and promote peace. It relies on a movement of committed citizens to build a sustainable and equitable world.

The main mission is simple: Fight against climate change!
To do this, they fight against deforestation, the threats to the oceans, or advocate for the transition to an ecological agriculture... 

What are its values?
Since its creation, Greenpeace has been an organization independent of states, political and economic powers. It
is not supported by any party and does not support any party. However, their missions leads them to question the political leaders so that the problems and solutions are considered.

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