What are the anti-pollution/anti-blue light active ingredients used for?

What are the effects of blue light and pollution? 🙃

  • If blue light has harmful effects on our eyes, it does not spare our skin either. "Unlike UV exposure, which causes sunburn, its effects are not immediately visible on the skin," says Toni Ionesco, dermatologist. In the long term, the light of our screens would lead to the appearance of spots.
  • Urban pollution such as fine particles in the air, gases, cigarette smoke ... when it, leads to a blurred complexion, imperfections and accelerated aging ...

Some numbers ☀️

  • 6 hours. This is the time we would spend on average, every day, in front of our screens. Eyes riveted on our excel spreadsheets at the office, on Instagram or in front of our current series... Our ultra-connected life exposes us to the dangers of blue light for our vision ... and our skin. 
  • 92% of the world's population lives in an overly polluted environment (Source: WHO)

Our anti-pollution active ingredient 🌿

       The natural anti-pollution shield, derived from dandelion, is rich in fructans and protects the skin from the harmful effects of environmental pollution. By its action, it improves the brightness and the grain of the skin penalized by the external aggressions. 

A solution 🙌

The skin, in the front line against the outside, needs a boost to fight against the various aggressions of pollution and blue lights. That's why we created our Urban Feel Good day cream.

It's based on Hyaluronic acid for deep hydration and, above all, anti-pollution and anti-blue light active ingredients for complete care and 360 protection. 

It is perfect for every day, 100% natural and non-comedogenic, suitable for all skin types